Welcome to Bad With Money Academy

Studies have shown that close to 75% of the population in America (and other countries), live paycheck to paycheck - with little or no savings.

I want to change those numbers... So, here at Bad With Money Academy, you will learn the fundamentals of setting goals, creating a budget, and designing an action plan that works for you.

Setting Goals: The Stress-Free Method

Without dreams and aspirations we get bored and lose control of ourselves. In my journey to financial freedom, I have learned that it's super important to have goals.

I want to help you set up your goals and see you follow them through.

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Monthly Budget Worksheet

It is perceived that budgeting is difficult, but that's not always true. With this budget worksheet, I can teach you how to gain control and change your financial future one week at a time.

Self Care Routine

Are you tired of;

  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • making dumb mistakes
  • failing at life

Me too!

Let me share with you my Self Care Routine that helps me stay motivated and stress free.